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PLR Terms, Conditions, Rights and Usage

Here are the details of what you can and can't do with the PLR:

You Can:

1. Add the articles or content to ebooks or products to sell or give away for individual use. 

2. Modify the content to suit your needs i.e. Add, remove, edit the content.

3. Use the content in your websites, blogs, newsletters, basically anywhere you publish content is ok.

4,. Distribute the content as a viral reports and articles.

5. Bundle the content into a free ebook packages, products or bonuses for your customers and or subscribers.

5. Add your affiliate links, product links, or any other advertising links to your PLR material.

6. Call yourself the author of the PLR material however all your eBooks must be converted to PDF or an alternative eBook format.

You Can Not:

1. Sell your membership username and password to anyone. Your username and password are for you and you only to use, until your subscription has been cancelled.

2. Use PLR Monthly's material in your own members site. The material is for you and you only to use. It is not for distribution via paid membership websites to multiple members.

2. Sell the raw PLR files, they are for your use as a member only. e.g. your PLR material must be converted to an eBook with your links inside, you cannot grant others PLR rights to PLR Monthly material. You can convert your PLR to products and grant master resale rights to an already converted eBook or package.

3. Place any of PLR Monthly's material in any explicit websites.

4. Use PLR monthly content after your membership has expired e.g. you must be a paid member to use the hosted graphics and sales pages.

5. PLR Monthly Terms and Conditions are in place to protect you the member and your fellow members. Please adhere to the terms policy as they are in place to protect you.

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