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PLR Purchases and Login

If you have recently purchased a product from Warrior plus and can't find your login. Please consider the following:

1. Check your email, spam and trash for your details and warrior plus [RECEIPT] inside you will find your access link to the Warrior Plus product access page with your username and password. If you don't see it, login to W+ and go to your account > purchase history - https://warriorplus.com/account/purchases you will see all login details and the username and password screen.

2. In the event you can find the receipt, please head to https://plr-monster.com/login-to-continue and use the lost password link and your purchase email. Once the purchase product your membership is created, using the lost password will send your details again to your inbox, spam or trash.

3. If you don't see any of the above please submit a ticket.

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