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How to setup my domain and hosting

How and where to upload your website depends on the way you want to build your business.

First of all we recommend our Blue Host partners for web space and cheap high quality hosting. If you need hosting you can find great deals here:


As for domains and what you should buy and setup depends on price. You have 3 options:

1. buy a new domain for each site (best for search engines)
2. buy a single domain and setup each site with a sub domain of this site e.g. website.yourdomain.whatever
3. buy a single domain and add the new site to the domain extension e.g. yourdomain.whatever/website (this option is the easiest option to setup and arguably better for search engines than sub domains).

To find out how to setup your website, please check the link below:


If you have uploaded your first website already, you cannot upload to the same domain without over writing the existing website. You must follow the options above.

1. buy a new domain
2. create a sub domain folder
3. work at via folder level

for option 1 and 2 your hosting company will help you with these. For option 3, simply create a new folder e.g. new-website within your existing domain and upload the new website files to this new folder. The setup link will look like this - yourdomain.whatever/new-website.

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