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Website Display and Login Problems

If you are having problem with your website, please upload your site again ensuring all files have uploaded correctly. Once this has been done and verified, and you still find the problem of not being able to login with 'admin and 'password' or edit your website then, this may be down to your hosting company and their ability not to support the php coding in our websites.  

If you have tried re-uploading your website and it still won't login, please submit a ticket with your username and password and we will take a look

We use a hosting company which we strongly recommend called D9 Hosting. They will actually upload your website for you if you decide to choose their hosting package. Take a look here http://www.freemonthlywebsites2.com/special/d9 they will also answer any questions you have regarding upload and FTP. Not only will they help you but if you have existing hosting they will transfer all your files to their server for free for you. It is definitely worth considering for a better host and package.

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