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Lost personal website password login

If you have lost your password you can use the password retrieval feature from your admin login page: yourdomain.whatever/admin

If you have not completed the personal details inside the admin panel after initially logging in with the standard username and password settings - username - admin and password - password 

To reset the password back to default, you must re-upload the admin_settings.txt file. To do this re-upload the file to the same location online. the file can be found inside the admin folder and one more level down inside the settings folder. Simply re-upload the admin_settings.txt file and overwrite the existing.

If you haven't modified your site at all, you can simply re-upload the site in full and this will reset the password.

If you would like us to do it for you, the cost is $25. we require payment via Paypal to sales@ukisolutions.com please create a ticket and send your domain name and FTP details. If you are not sure what FTP details are, please contact your hosting company who will provide them.

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